The next flagship phone from Xiaomi is about to be unveiled this month and just like all upcoming launches, there will be leaks and rumours on the phone. There is a slight confusion with what they are going to call the phone if we follow the numbers, the upcoming phone will be called the Mi 7, but some reports are stating that it will be called the Mi 8 in conjunction with their 8th-anniversary.

Wheather it’s going to be called the Mi 7 or Mi 8, a clear image of the internal working of the phone has been leaked with a main focus on its notch. Xiaomi has definitely taken a lot of pages from Apple’s book as it also has an IR camera that is seen in the iPhone X. The IR camera is probably used for the facial recognition feature but it also has another module which is similar to the Dot Projector which is also in the iPhone X, to get an accurate depth field of the user’s face. Other than that, it is said that the MIUI has been optimized for icons on both sides of the notch.

Specs wise it will come with a Snapdragon 845, 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. We will know more about the workings of the cameras and sensors in the notch when they release the phone on May 23.

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