Overwatch is turning two years next week and just like last year’s anniversary celebration, there will be another one this year and it should come with a range of new skins and possibly a new game mode as well.

A video showing the anniversary announcement was uploaded on Reddit but was immediately removed. However, fans of the game were quick enough to rip the video and distributed it all over the Internet. The video shows Junkrat and Roadhog dancing as their skins change which we assume would be the upcoming skins that will be released during the event. One of the skins that we have never seen before is a Junkrat pirate skin which comes with an eye patch and a peg metal hook leg, the video also mentions that previous items and events will make a come back as well

When Overwatch celebrated their first anniversary, they added new maps and 11 legendary skins which cost slightly higher than regular legendary skins. Players were not happy with the pricing but Jeff Kaplan, Game Director of Overwatch has mentioned that they are listening closely to players, so there might be a change this time around. The event is said to start on 22 May but no other details were mentioned.