In a surprising turn of events, a phone company has teased their new phone that will come with a full display smartphone with ultra-thin bezels. The company in question is Lenovo and the phone is the upcoming Lenovo Z5.

The image comes from Chang Cheng, Vice President of Lenovo and he has mentioned that the phone will come with four technological breakthrough and 18 patented technologies. Sadly, he did not mention what these technologies will be or the patents mentioned. We do know that the Z5 will come with an amazing 95 percent screen-to-body ratio which is by far the highest in any smartphone, the closest any other manufacturer came to is 91.3 percent as seen in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 other than Apple’s iPhone X. The best part of all of this is that the phone will come without a notch as seen in a teaser image shared last week which shows half of the phone and no notch in sight.

It is honestly a relieve that a company has finally managed to make a full body display without adding in the notch. Whats even more impressive is that a company which is not so prominent in the smartphone business could produce a full-body display without adding a notch. Other manufacturers should take note and keep an eye on what Lenovo is doing.


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