The Nintendo Switch introduced a new way of console gaming, but it also has issues that were never expected in the end product, such as connectivity issues with the joy con if you put it near an aquarium, but probably the most infamous issue of the Switch would be its low quality plastic kickstand, which could easily break if you twist it too much. Fortunately, Nintendo have introduced an adjustable charging stand, which will juice up your console’s battery and serves as an alternative to the weak kickstand.

Although this isn’t the first accessory to offer such a solution for the Switch, third party accessories have been reported to damage consoles after the Switch’s version 5.0 update, the introduction of the adjustable charging stand from Nintendo officially is nonetheless a great move, considering that many users would want to charge their consoles while placing it on a table top.

The Switch adjustable charging stand will be available in the US starting 13 July and costs $20, let’s hope it makes its way here soon enough.


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