Steam is making it easier to access your library of games even if you are away from your desktop. The company is releasing the Steam Link app which will allow users to play games remotely through their phones.

The app will work the same way as how the current Steam Link works, as long as the device you are using to play games are connected to the same network as the desktop that the games are on, you will be able to stream those games directly to your device. Valve has also added that the feature will support the Steam controller and MFI controllers as well. They added that a similar video app will also be released to make it easier to watch movies and shows that are purchased on the Steam platform. This is not the first time that a company is offering their games via remote connection, Sony had this feature a long time which will allow you to stream games from your PS4 to your computer or smartphone even if you are not on the same network.

The app is expected to release on the week of 21 May 2018 and the app will be available on both Android and iOS, including tablets and even on Apple TV.


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