Tomorrow is the day, we cast our votes for the next group of people that are going to govern our country. In previous elections, we will usually have to depend on the national news to hear the results, but this time a group of Malaysians took it upon themselves to make things much easier for us.

They have released a web application called GE14MAP, which will show the results of tomorrows election. Currently, they are displaying the results for GE13, and the website will allow you to click on a particular region which will show the statistics of the selected region and other relevant information. We would assume that tomorrow (or by midnight) they will wipe the map clean in order to prepare for the results of tomorrow’s election.

The website is both viewable on the desktop as well on your smartphone, just visit the GE13MAP website and keep track of the live updates as it happens tomorrow. The polling booths are open from 8 AM to 5 PM, don’t forget to check your voter status and voting location on SPR’s website.