The Galaxy S9+ is still one great flagship, despite being a small iterative update from the Galaxy S8+, and if you are looking to own one and don’t mind being locked down for a telco contract, then head on over to Digi’s online store as the telco is currently offering the Galaxy S9+ 256GB model at the subsidized price of the 128GB model, this offer is however only available for both the Digi Postpaid Family 150 and 250 plans, which is a good choice if you intend to have your family members under your postpaid subscription.

The Galaxy S9+ 256GB retails officially at RM4,399, and it will cost RM1,999 on Digi Postpaid Family 250 and RM2,654 on Digi Postpaid 150, that’s quite a huge discount of up to RM1774, considering if you split the bills among your family members, each line will only cost you RM50/month, making this the best telco deals when signing up for a Galaxy S9+. Digi’s Postpaid Family plan offers a number of perks that other telcos don’t, such as unlimited calls, free data roaming and IDD on selected countries for all member lines, your total data will be converted to all day data when you sign up for GBoost, which also gives you an extra 10GB data on top off your existing data.

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While all of these sound really good, do note that there will be upfront payment charges required when signing up the Galaxy S9+ 256GB with Digi, but we assume it should be waived for existing Digi customers who are with the telco for more than a year. Head on over here to check out the offer.

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