HMD Global showcased the Nokia X in a four-day event in Bejing and it’s confirmed, it will come with a notch. Thanks to a leaked invitation, we now know that the Nokia X will be officially introduced on May 16 and will be available just a few days after.

There is also a short hands-on video that was leaked from the event that shows the front of the phone and a little of the right-side. There were some pictures of the phone that had surfaced online but the video shows the exact design and shape of the phone. Other than that, we do know that it will be a mid-range phone and it comes with a full body display.

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As of now, we still don’t know the specs of the phone but we do know that it will retail for around $250. As of now, the Nokia X will only be available in China, but if there might be a good chance HMD Global will release it worldwide if there is enough demand.


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