Mercedes-Benz has recently introduced their range of electric cars under the EQ brand and today, they introduced the Concept EQ car which displays the future technology that the company will be integrating into their upcoming EQ cars. During the event, they showed case some very impressive technology that will change the way we interact with our vehicles.

Externally, the car looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, with a sleek and minimal look. From its black bonnet across the windscreen to the dark-tinted panoramic roof. The car does not even have door handles, users will simply need to touch a sensor on the panel between the doors which will pop the doors out and easily give you space to open it with ease.

The minimal design also extends to the side mirror, or in this case the lack of it. Instead of a conventional mirror, Mercedes-Benz has opted for cameras which will give you a wider view of the sides.

The interior looks like the bridge of the Enterprise, as it comes with a widescreen display that almost extends to the passenger side. The driver can interact with the screen using either the touch controls on the spokes of the steering wheel which can be swiped or clicked on to confirm their selection. The 24-inch wide-screen display shows information like speed, range, driving data or navigation and map details. However, all these information will not obstruct the driver as the extra content that is not related to the car will be position towards the passenger side.

The concept car is also illuminated with LED optical fibre in electric blue on the headlights and back which will turn to red when moving to act as a break light. When the driver enters the car, LED lights in the interior will light up depending on the mood which will slowly dim and activate the wide-screen display.

Milage is very impressive on this car as it provides 500km on just a single charge with a total output of 300kW and a maximum torque of up to 700Nm. This allows the car to accelerate from 0 – 100 km/h in just under five seconds. The car can be charged up at home by induction or wall box for fast charging, but the company has energy storage units which will store surplus solar power in the energy storage unit, giving you a greener alternative to charging the car.

Just like every other concept car, don’t expect to see this vehicle cruising the roads of KL, it is a way for companies to show the future tech that will be in their other products and from what we have seen, we are pretty excited to see where the company will take this.