Microsoft Office 2019 is on its way to consumers soon, but if you are thinking of upgrading or buying it, you can try it out before making a decision. You can preview the latest version of Office on your Windows 10 desktop now.

The preview version, which was only available to Office 365 subscribers, can be used by anyone for a limited time. Office 2019 which succeeds Office 2016 is targeted at enterprises that are not using Office 365. Microsoft has a page with details on how to join the Office 2019 Commercial Preview programme, which will only run on Windows 10. Some of the changes you will be seeing in Office 2019 is, PowerPoint will come with the ability to manage icons, SVG, and 3D images, Word adds learning tools captions and audio description and more, Excel will offer better data analysis and finally Outlook will manage emails more efficiently.

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Windows 10 users can now try Office 2019 before it releases 1Microsoft is changing their support for the latest version of Office. They will provide five years of mainstream support and two years of extended support, where previously they offered five years for each support.

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