Snapchat is taking the selfie game to the next level by launching Snappables, AR selfie games that will use touch, motion and facial expressions to interact with the game and more.

This feature is from Snapchat’s shared Lenses that will allow you to interact with your friend on their phone. Some of the first games that appeared were an Asteroids space shooter-like game, bubble gum popping contest, a kiss-blowing game, egg catching competition and a dance party. To play these games, select one the game Lenses from the camera page and just follow the instructions that pop up. You can even send your friend a Snap of you playing the game and your friend can join in your game.

This could put Snapchat on the map again, after many features that were bluntly copied by Instagram, Snapchat has seen a loss of its users. Snappables and other Snapchat Lenses will be rolling out to the world this week and new games will be released each week.