Android Auto is a platform that allows you to extend your Android phone to your display unit so that the driver will not need to pick up their phone while driving. Some people really enjoy the flexibility that Google has provided and some find the platform lacking many features.

Google is actively trying to change that and is constantly updating the platform. The latest update brings the ability to view your full contact list. Prior to this, you could only check your missed calls, last call and received calls, if you want to make a call, you will need to use the dialer to do so. Google Auto’s Product Manager has mentioned that now you can access your full contact list by opening the top-left menu and you will see a new entry for Contacts. You will be given full browsing access when the car is stationary, but when moving, it will limit you to several taps to ensure that your attention is on the road.

Android Auto's new update can now show your full contact list 2This feature is said to come with the latest version of Android Auto and just like all new updates, it will take some time before you are seeing the Contact List section on your Android Auto device.

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