Ookyo’s current prepaid plan is very attractive and it made better by the fact that it is using Maxis’s 4G network. Now they are offering an even greater deal by allowing users to pick 4 apps that they frequently use and give them unlimited Internet with no restrictions or conditions.

In addition to that, users will also enjoy extra 5GB of high-speed data as well as unlimited calls and SMS starting from RM30. The lists of apps can be found on Ookyo’s Official Website and it is no longer limited to ‘popular’ apps, as now you can choose from 100 apps, including YouTube, Spotify, and even PUBG Mobile. The list will constantly change and updated based on user’s demands. If you still need to make calls, adding an additional RM8 will give you unlimited calls and SMS to all networks and if four apps are not enough, adding another RM3 will allow you to choose any other apps for unlimited data usage. They are also offering 10% Google Play credit for every Ringgit spend on the Ookyo store, and the credit can be used anywhere including in-game purchases.

If you are interested changing or getting on to Ookyo network, you can do so by heading over to their website or downloading the app from Google Play Store and they will send you a free SIM without any charges.

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