Samsung a company that has dodged the notch hype that has been going around with all the other manufacturers for quite a while now, but it did not take long for the Korean manufacturer to cave in and join the notch hype.

The patent for the phone was filed in China’s SIPO patent office last month and was spotted by a Dutch website Mobielkopen. In its design images, the front comes with a full body display and a notch which is rather big compared to the other smartphones with notches. The back as a different design from other Samsung phones as the dual camera is not in the centre, but on the top left of the phone. What is most interesting is that there is no fingerprint sensor visible on the front or back, which could mean that the phone does not have one, or Samsung has finally figured out how to implement an under-display fingerprint sensor.

Samsung's new smartphone patent shows they are joining the notch hype 1Lastly, there looks to be a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone next tot he USB port, and the button placements on the sides are similar to the Galaxy S8 and S9 phones. There could be a chance that we might not see this phone or it might be a China exclusive phone. Best not to keep your hopes up.


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