Its official, gaming phones are becoming a thing with the recent news about Xiaomi’s BlackShark gaming smartphone coming really soon and the Razer Phone already in the hands of gamers. Nubia has unveiled their gaming smartphone brand called Red Magic.

The company has mentioned that they are launching a full line-up of products that will “provide a more complete gaming experience for the masses.” They have also claimed that they went through all possible specs before creating their phone, in the end, they have created a device which they again claim will “bring all gamers, casual and compertitive, together.

Nubia has unveiled their gaming smartphone brand, Red Magic 1The new phone from Nubia will be launching around the world very soon. Razer has started the spark in mobile gaming and for a good reason, as more people find that gaming on the go is much easier than being stuck on a desk or your couch while you game. Xiaomi took the second step with its BlackShark brand and now Nubia. We will have to wait a while more before we can see what Nubia and Xiaomi has to offer for the mobile gamer


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