We all know that majority of features on Instagram is adopted from Snapchat, so it is not a surprise that yet another feature coming to Instagram has been taken from Snapchat and this time its Nametags. Similar to Snapcodes, it allows someone to add and follow you on Instagram by simply pointing their phone camera to your Nametag.

Currently, it is being tested by a small group of people which is not new, as we know before a new feature becomes available on the app, it goes through testing by a group of users presumably picked by Instagram. This is also a good way for the company to gain more users as some people share their Snapcodes openly on the Internet, may it be Twitter or Facebook. With Nametags, it would make it easier for these users to pull their followers over to their Instagram account, away from Snapchat.

You will be allowed to customize the design of your Nametag with emojis, colours and some effects. The company did not say when this feature will become available to all users, but just like their other features, we should be seeing it in the next couple of weeks if everything goes well with the test


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