At least 58% of fleet tyres are underinflated in Malaysia, which leads to occasional truck breakdowns and accidents on the road. Therefore, Continental has introduced ContiConnect, a digital tyre monitoring platform with unique sensors that is dedicated for fleets, this isn’t the usual TPMS system that you see on common passenger cars but rather, the sensor is installed on the inner liner of the tyre with a battery life that lasts up to six years, and the way it is being installed prevent damage from kerbing and eliminates theft.

Continental digitizes Tyre Pressure Monitoring with ContiConnect platform 1The tyre sensors will be able to detect tyre temperature and pressure without being affected by heat from braking systems, it is able to identify creeping air loss, one of the major causes of tyre failure, the data from the sensors will be read and transmitted to the ContiConnect backend via a cellular network by the yard reader every time the truck enters the fleet yard, which will then be presented on a web portal.

Continental digitizes Tyre Pressure Monitoring with ContiConnect platform 2For fleet managers who requires have real-time tyre data via a telematics solution, Continental’s TPMS also offers data integration with multiple telematics providers, allowing integration to be seen in both the providers’ in-cab displays and backend portals, this will allow fleet managers to take proactive measures to reduce the chances of tyre failures, while ensuring the safety of the drivers.

Continental has since kicked off the pilot test of ContiConnect in Malaysia and Thailand, which has seen promising results and positive feedback from fleet operators, Malaysia is the first country to be chosen for a worldwide debut due to the successful pilot run. If you are interested in ContiConnect, head on over here for more details.




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