Xiaomi, one of China’s top smartphone makers is taking the competition to the next level. The company has been rumored to be making gaming smartphone, which has its launched date set for 13 April next week. Black Shark, a gaming giant which is working with Xiaomi on this handset has released a teaser, giving us a quick glimpse on what to expect next Friday.

Dubbed as a Razer Phone competitor according to the handful of rumors so far, what we do know is that the Black Shark smartphone is slated to pack the all powerful Snapdragon 845 processor with up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. The display is said to be of 120 Hz refresh rate. Black Shark didn’t reveal much in the teaser. All that is seen is a semi silhouette of a smartphone with rounded corners and a power button on the right. It is likely that green will be the theme color of the phone, based on the teaser. The tagline in Chinese translates to “Born to Compete”.

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Xiaomi teases its upcoming Razer Phone competitor 1

Judging from Xiaomi’s long run of making affordable and budget handsets, it is safe to say that this gaming smartphone will be cheaper than the Razer Phone. Other rumors also point to a controller for the phone which will either be bundled or sold separately. Let’s see what Xiaomi and Black Shark has prepared for us next week!


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