Malaysian Airlines is on a path to digitization today as they revealed three new digital initiatives, MHguardian, MHfeedback and a Facebook Messenger BOT called MHchat, designed to enhance its passengers travel experience.

The MHguardian app will enable parents or guardians the ability to track minors that are travelling alone via Malaysia Airlines. This app is the winner of Malaysia Airlines’ 2017 Hackathon and is targeted to launch by the third quarter of 2018. The app will also be extended to support unaccompanied elderly passengers and those that require special assistance.

Next is MHfeedback, another app that allows customers to immediately share their feedback anonymously on their experience when flying with Malaysia Airlines. Passengers can enter their feedback, rate the airline’s services or upload a photo of areas that require attention. Thanks to the power of AI, all images and comments will be analysed and directed to the responsible service unit

Lastly is MHchat, an interactive Facebook Messenger BOT that will give all passengers the ability to make bookings, payments and retrieve their flight itinerary directly from the Facebook Messenger app. Again, thanks to the power of AI, it will give passengers the impression that they are talking to a real customer service agent.

This makes Malaysia Airlines the first airline in Asia to allow users to book flights and make payments directly on Facebook Messenger. The next time you are flying with our national airlines, don’t forget to try out these features to makes your flight smoother.


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