The next iPhone could be dipped in ‘Blush Gold’ colour


Ever wondered what the next iPhone X colour is going to be? Well think no further, as rumours travelling in regards to it being a Blush Gold colour would be a high possibility, especially when the Apple March event is around the corner.

This is not something new though, as the design seems to be unchanged and the introduction of the Blush Gold colour wouldn’t be surprising since the Rose Gold colour has been released for past versions of the iPhone and iPad. There may not be a huge difference as to these two similar colours, but it’s definitely still something to be excited about.

The leaked image was provided by known Twitter leaker who goes by @VenyaGeskin1, where he claims that the new colour is in production. While we are unsure whether the leaked photo is genuine or not, we know that this leaker has a good track of leak records so far, so it should be reliable.

The next iPhone could be dipped in 'Blush Gold' colour 1

And though the Blush Gold colour option may just be a hit among the ladies, there’s no denying that it’s going to be an interesting colour as well. We can’t wait for it to unveil, possibly debuting during the Apple March event.

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