Samsung held the crown for producing the largest-capacity SSD in the market, but just after a few weeks, another competitor has snatched the crown from right under Samsung’s nose and create a mammoth of an SSD. Samsung’s SSD came with a 30.72TB storage but now Nimbus Data has launched the ExaDrive that has a storage capacity of 100TB.

The SSD is based on the 3.5-inch design and Nimbus has claimed that it can deliver up to 100,000 input/output operations per second and up to 500Mbps throughput and uses 3D NAND to achieve its storage capacity. The company has mentioned that it can help data centres reduce power, cooling and rack space cost by 85 percent per TB which equates to higher capacity at a lower cost. The Nimbus ExaDrive DC100 comes with a five years endurance guarantee and has a mean time between failures of 2.5 million hours. It also has safety features like embedded capacitors to protect data in case of power loss and a secure-erase feature for data security.

You might not find this SSD on any regular PC, as it was intended for enterprise use. However, if more companies adopt SSD as storage for their servers, it will greatly increase access times and in some case, provide a better service to its customers.

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