Windows updates can sometimes be a huge nuance as some updates take a while to install and some take almost half a day before you can finally see your desktop again. This is probably why users dread seeing the Windows Update notification and delay it as long as possible.

Well, we won’t have to worry about that issue for long, Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Windows 10 feature upgrades will offer significantly less disruption to users’ work. According to the company, the twice a year heavy update will cut downtime by 63% compared to last year’s updates. When last year’s Creators Update rolled out, it is reported that users had an average downtime of 83 minutes, and subsequent updates were brought down till eventually, it hit 30 minutes. It might seem like an improvement, but users were still delaying and dreading the update as it came around.

The new update method works by merging the online and offline times, with the online time bring updates that will still allow users to use their computer and offline time being when the updates will not allow users to use their computers. This could possibly make updating Windows much better and perhaps users will finally be able to update their computers without worrying about downtime. Users will experience shorter downtimes when the update rolls out in early April.