Google Maps update on iOS allows you to check restaurant waiting times, and more


It is always a bummer when you have to pull up in front of a restaurant to find out that it’s still packed with customers, and waiting for your turn will take longer than expected. That’s why Google Maps decided to make that hassle-free for users with its latest update for iOS, to version 4.4.7, which includes a new feature that will show the average waiting times at certain eateries throughout the day.

The update will also be including a few other features like the convenience of searching and sorting through reviews of a place, and getting transit directions for when you need to know the exact entrance to enter into. This makes it relatively easier for iOS users who are especially taking public transit, as it will help to save a lot of time.

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Though the transit directions are only currently available in 12 major cities across the world;┬áNew York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, Los Angeles, Delhi, Moscow, Singapore, Madrid, Barcelona, Kiev, and Budapest, the list will be expanding to serve to more places, making it a daily convenience for iOS users. We’re not exactly certain if the update will be released to Android users, but time will tell.