Celcom is joining the home broadband market with their Celcom Home Wireless plans, where they are offering up to 1TB of quota and other free services that we have seen in their postpaid and prepaid plans. Rather than getting Celcom engineers to come to your house and install the broadband, they have promised that there will be no wall hacking, offers a easy installation and allow you to connect up to 64 devices at once.

Currently, they are offering three plans for this new service. The first is Home Wireless Gold which gives you 25GB of normal use quota and 40GB of Video Walla and Music Walla use. The next plan is the Home Wireless Gold Plus which offers 50GB of normal use quota and 100GB of Video Walla and Music Walla. Finally, the Home Wireless Platinum plat give you 150GB of normal use quota and 1TB of Video Walla and Music Walla. All these plans are leveraging on Celcom’s 4G/LTE networks, making it ideal for those of you that stay in an area with no access to fibre or wired broadband connections. The best part of all, there is no installation fees as this is a plug and play device, so once it is connected to a wall outlet, you can instantly connect to the Internet using Wifi.

To subscribe to any of the mentioned Celcom Home Wireless plans, simply visit any Blue Cube, selected dealers or register online to get your self a wireless broadband device. You can check if your area has access to Celcom’s 4G/LTE connection here and if you need more information, the FAQ can be read here.