Logitech is creating a new speaker that comes with LED lighting, they are calling these speakers the Logitech G560. Like all their G-line products, it is targeted particularly at gamers, it comes with two primary speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers’ main attraction is that it comes with Logitech’s G Lightsync which is similar to Razer Chroma.

The speakers have four lighting zones that allow users to customize them to fit their gaming setup, it will even sync to all Logitech gear that supports Lightsync. However, the company is taking it one step further by allowing game developers to tap into the lighting software to give gamers visual cues such as a flash when your hero’s ability has cooled down in Dota 2, another example would be a change of colour when your character’s ultimate in Overwatch can be used.

Logitech introduces the G560 RGB gaming speakers with Lightsync support 1
Razer Nommo

Logitech is slightly late to the speaker LED game, as Razer has already released the Razer Nommo which comes with Razer Chroma support and can be sync with other Razer Chrome products as well. The Logitech G560 will be available in April and will come with a $199.99 price tag. Sadly, there is no indication of when it will come to Malaysia, but we should expect it to be here slightly after its overseas launch

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