The major issue with WhatsApp back in the day was that it did not allow you to delete your message if you accidentally sent one that you did not want too or accidentally sent it to the wrong person. A few months back, WhatsApp allowed you to delete the message after a few minutes of sending it, but now you can delete the message up to an hour of sending it.

In a recent twitter post by WABetaInfo, they twitted that the new update will bring about some bug fixes and will increase the “Delete for everyone” limit to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. That might be a very odd choice of timing but if you take a look at a programmer’s perspective, it translates to 4,096 seconds which is an achieved by the formula of 2 to the power of 12. If you take a look at the other numbers in the formula (128, 256, 512) you might see some familiarity there.

They did not give an explination of why they extended the delete message window but for those of you that want it, its there now. However, the update is only coming to the iOS first and there is no mention of the Androud update timeframe.