Google Lens, the AR application that allows you to point your camera at a certain object and get your phone to tell you more about it, is now coming to more devices other than just the Pixel phones.

It looks like the next set of phones that will receive the feature is the Samsung Galaxy Devices mainly, the S8/S8+, S9/S9+ and the Note 8. Google Lens will now allow Galaxy users to be able to search for information by offering you Google Searches and if you point it at a business card, it can save the contact to your Google Account. This is is the full version of Lens and not the Google Photos version that we previously reported, that will only scan the pictures that you have already taken.

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Google has already started the rollout of the update to Android flagship phones and the feature can now be found on the mentioned Galaxy phones. To use the feature, simply open up Google Assistant and tap on the Lens logo at the bottom right.