The ever-popular PUBG rival, Fortnite has grown in popularity since its release last year, it has reached 20 million players and is the most streamed game on Twitch beating even its rival. Thanks to its success, Epic Games has announced that they will be bringing Fortnite to iOS with the first Invite Event opening on Monday (Tuesday for Malaysia).

The best part, it will not be a lite edition of the PC version and it will support the same 100-players Battle Royal that is also on PC. They go on to add that cross-play will be enabled for mobile and PC players and PC players will be able to play with Mac and PS4 players. That comes as a surprise as Sony has adamantly stated that they will not allow cross-play due to “security reasons”. To finish off, the company has also mentioned that there will be Cross Progression which will allow you to access one account across PC, Mac, PS4 and iOS.

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If this business model works out, we will probably see a lot more games that will adopt cross-play and even cross progression, as it is quite a success when Sony implemented that system between the PS4 and PSVita.