Looks like Lenovo is not letting their phone division die, as Lenovo Vice President Liu Jun has teased on his official Weibo account on an upcoming smartphone, Lenovo S5, which with a huge battery capacity. The teaser also mentioned that the company will launch the phone on March 20.

Based on the post, the phone will be powered by a massive 6,000mAh battery and it will harness the power of AI, but on a smaller scale. The teaser also shows the letter ā€œSā€ on a boxing glove which is a playful gesture indicating the phone can pack a punch. Other than that, it will also come with a dual-camera on the rear.

Lenovo teases the S5, comes with 6,000mAh battery and AI 1It will just be a few more weeks before the phone is unveiled but there is no leaks or rumours on the specs or design. We are not sure if they plan for an international release, but there is a chance it might not make it to Malaysia seeing as the Lenovo phone brand has merged under Motorola. So it might come here as a Motorola phone?

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