The Nexus 5X and 6P were two of the longest phones that Google has kept supporting as they are still receiving updates until today. However, it looks like Google is putting both of their iconic phones to rest and they have just announced that both these phones will not be updated to Android P.

There is still a bright side to this, even if the phones will not be getting the Android P update, Google has promised that they will still receive security updates until November 2018. After that, the company will not push anymore update or security patches. Other than that, it is expected that the Pixel C Tablets will also not get updates since Google has stop OS support for that device as well.Google will stop supporting the Nexus 5X and 6P on November 2018 1

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It is sad to see that the Nexus phones will not be supported anymore, but it was a long run and they are the longest phones to still receive Android Security and OS updates. Looks like Google will be solely focused on the Pixel phones from now on. Rest In Peace Nexus phones, you will be remembered.

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