Vivo will be announcing the Vivo V9 very soon as they have going into full gear to promote and tease their upcoming phone. A few days back, the first billboard ad was spotted that showed how the front of the phone looked like and as you can guess, it comes with a notch.

The ad has not mentioned anything except that it comes with a 24MP selfie camera. Other than that, it seems like Vivo is not implementing their Clear ID under display fingerprint sensor for this phone as the back seems to have a fingerprint sensor already. The back also shows that it has a verticle dual-camera setup and the front shows a very high screen to body percentage. It is understandable that it might not come with Clear ID seeing as the V-series are their mid-range phones but let’s hope they tease their Clear ID phones when they launch the V9 here in Malaysia.

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Vivo V9 will come with a 24MP front camera but no under screen fingerprint sensor 1Some rumours are stating that the phone will come with a Snapdragon 660 which is a great step up from using the Snapdragon 450 on their V7 phones. We should know more about the phone in the new couple of days.

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