Google has announced that all Google Photos users will have access to Google Lens. For those of you that don’t know about Google Lens, it is a feature that can recognize what’s in your pictures and do a Google search on objects in your photos.

Prior to this, the feature was only available on Pixel phones but the company is now rolling out this feature to all Android devices. Lens should also be available on Google Assistant as it is on Pixel phones, but that implementation has not rolled out to Android users as of now.

Google is rolling out Lens update to all Google Photos users 1The feature does not only tell you what is the object you are pointing at, it can also give you other information like opening and closing times, what people are saying about the location and other information that you can usually get from doing a Google search. Other than that, it can also scan business cards and save the information of the people in your Google Contacts.

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Google has mentioned that the feature is coming to iOS soon but they have not given a solid timeframe on when it will arrive.

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