Should you be doubting the benefits of cloud storage?


Computing technology has become one that’s fiercely competitive, especially when data storage has been transcending into the cloud, but it seems that nobody has ever doubted the benefits of cloud computing. That’s something we should take into consideration though; data breaches and or services aren’t really unheard of anymore.

It’s been largely known that companies don’t have to hire expensive IT staff in order to manage and maintain their own data infrastructure anymore; using the cloud on their own is just as good and efficient. Buying the computing as a service can definitely do a whole lot of saving, but the question now begs, can our data really be saved?

One risk that we should take into consideration is that we may be relying on too small of a pool of technology providers in the cloud storage industry. There’s been unresolved issues regarding the concerns of who could really be accessing your data when it’s stored in the cloud. And then there are stories that keep surfacing about the data that’s been left for public to view, despite efforts thrown in by cloud companies.

There was also a massive leak that occurred when Deep Roots Analytics made a mistake with the configuration of their AWS server, releasing sensitive information of 198 million Americans. And it’s good to note that these failures are not just a one-time occurrence as it has happened before too. Also Study: The Benefits of Cloud Computing

While cloud computing may be more efficient and have benefits ranging from reliability and scalability, we should always remember that there are disadvantages and risks to everything we do. Even with technology. Hence, the importance of planning accordingly and using different backup sources are to be given full consideration at all times.

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