Times are changing fast, kids now days are not asking for the newest Power Ranger toy anymore but the latest iPhone or Android phone. Getting your kid a phone at such an early age might be an issue, as can be vulnerable to exploits if they visit the wrong parts of the Internet. A Spanish company called Escudo Web, has developed a smartphone aim specifically at kids.

They are calling it the PhoneKid, a smartphone that allows the parents to control the phone through an app, giving them control over apps kids have access to and block or replace the home screen with an activity command. Other than that, the phone cant be turned off as well as the location. There is an SOS button that will silently call the parent phones in case the child is in an emergency situation.

PhoneKid runs on a custom version of Android and the company is now looking for a hardware partner to help develop the phone and implement security measures so the kids can bypass its protections.

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