Google Assistant just keeps getting better, a few months back, they announced that Assistant will better integrate with third-party apps and last well, they announced that Assistant will be available in over 30 languages by the end of 2018. Now, during MWC 2018, Google made another major announcement which is Android Link to make the integration with third-party apps even easier.

The new function will allow developers to create Actions which will allow Assistant to retrieve information and tasks in other apps. This will be extremely useful for developers and users as it will allow you to complete a specific task that would require multiple inputs such as booking an Uber. Usually, you will need to enter your pick up location, drop off location and type of Uber to order. With a new function called askForPlace, Assistant will help to enter all these data from the information saved in your Google account and your Uber account. It will follow the steps of ordering an Uber by asking you questions to which you answer with a simple yes or no. Below is an example of how the new function will work.

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Google has made Assistant even easier to integrate with third-party apps 1Assistant will also remember the information that you gave it so it will not ask for your home address if you have already told it previously. The best part of this function is that it is built into Assistant so developers will not need to modify their app to integrate it with Assistant.

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