Hotlink Announces A Postpaid Plan with the Flexibility of a Prepaid Freedom


Hotlink revealed their latest postpaid plan today (yup, you read that right), and it was actually pretty odd to say the least. From just RM30 a month, you can now enjoy a postpaid plan that comes with all the benefits of a prepaid plan. Or should we say it’s a prepaid plan that reaps benefits of a postpaid one. Either way, we’re still a little confused.

But it’s still quite worthwhile though. Not only do you get to customize your own data plan, you can also get unlimited ease of benefits at such a reasonable price. The RM30 base plan offers unlimited calls and SMS as well as 1GB of Internet data. Not bad for a deal actually.

Here’s the fine print. If you’d like to add on unlimited usage of social, music, and chat bundles, there would be an additional charge. The first two bundles would be an additional of RM10, while the unlimited chat bundle requires RM5. Take a look below:

Apart from that, users can opt for an additional 5GB of Internet priced at RM25 per month, which will renew every month. To learn more about Hotlink’s first postpaid plan, head on over to their official website here.



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