In a few more hours, the Galaxy S9 will be officially unveiled over at MWC 2018, and if you have grown tired of seeing the leaked renders over the past few weeks, here’s a refresher – a properly leaked commercial of the phone itself, and we can finally now confirm a couple of exciting stuffs available on the Galaxy S9.

Here's a glimpse of the Galaxy S9 in a leaked video 1In terms of design, it is obvious that Samsung hasn’t made a lot of changes to the front face, the forehead and chin is still as thin as its predecessor, and the fingerprint sensor is confirmed to have moved to the bottom of the main camera sensor. Also, it seems that the phone’s front screen seem to be using a 2.5D glass.

Here's a glimpse of the Galaxy S9 in a leaked video 2The Galaxy S9 will now come with an improved DeX dock, known as the DeX Pad, that you can use the phone’s screen to be trackpad to navigate around its desktop-like interface when paired to a PC monitor.

Here's a glimpse of the Galaxy S9 in a leaked video 3Though nothing much is mentioned on the phone’s camera performance, the commercial also shows how fast the phone’s camera is in AR, which is aimed at businesses and developers can probably take advantage of its API to develop apps optimized for the phone, this is definitely something to rival the efforts of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and iPhone X, which both of these phones sport great capabilities on its cameras for being able to recognize objects and perform live translation.

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Here's a glimpse of the Galaxy S9 in a leaked video 4Like all previous flagship Samsung phones, the Galaxy S9 also comes protected with the company’s KNOX security, and this time the company has even introduced an Enterprise Edition of the Galaxy S9, which comes with extended hardware support and allows enterprises to manage the device, deliver software updates, and secure the device in a centralized method, it will also have support for security patches for up to 4 years, which is definitely great news for corporate customers.

Stay tuned for more as we bring you updates over from Samsung’s MWC 2018 event.

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