Samsung SSDs under the Evo name has been a good choice for users that want a budget but good performing SSDs for their build. The company does not only focus on the everyday regular consumer as a while back, they released a 15.36TB SSD that was the highest capacity storage of any SSD.

That was not enough, as the company has recently introduced the PM1643, a 30.72TB SSD that is catered to the enterprise needs. It comes with blazing fast read speeds of 2,100MB/s and 1,700MB/s which you probably won’t find on any other drives out there. Samsung is able to achieve this storage size by stacking 512GB 3D vertical NAND chips which keeps the integrity of the data stored on these NAND chips as well. Speaking of integrity, Samsung has assured users that it has a robust endurance level of one full drive write per day which means that it is able to write the full 30.72TB of data on to the drive every day for as long as its 5-year warranty period.

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Samsung introduces a 30TB SSD with blazing fast read and write speeds 2Just like WD’s 1TB 3D NAND storage, the PM1643 is definitely made for businesses in mind, but let’s hope that Samsung will release a smaller capacity and cheaper alternative for this SSD for the regular consumer in the near future.

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