Return of Warrior, a PC MMORPG, is having a Lunar New Year event where users will have the change to get more gold, special items and B and A Level items, to give a chance to players to level up and upgrade their character faster. The event will go on for 10-days starting from 14 to 23 February 2018.

During the event, players can get up to 10M Gold from all mobs, special items and increased chances for both B and A level items can be acquired from all black markets and the Snowrimp respectively. Finally, there is a chance to find a Rare Treasure Chest that will randomly appear in the world. In addition to that, players that are between the levels of 65 to 85 can take place in the Web Drawing game three times every 24 hours. More details about the event, drop rates and experience increase can be found on their official website. Players will have the change to meet the Winter Olympics mascot in the game and may receive a special gift as a commemoration of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.

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If you are checking out the game, it might look familiar to you. That’s because it is actually from the same developer as Risk Your Life which was a huge hit in Malaysia back in the 2000s. So if you want to relive the fun and excitement of Risk Your Life, you can give Return of Warrior a try by downloading the client and signing up for an account here.