Google is working on a new way for users to send quick replies without typing anything. The company is working on implementing Smart Reply to third-party apps like Messenger, WhatsApp and other major chat apps. We have already seen Smart Reply in Gmail, Inbox and Google Allo, where it is able to show you suggestions on replies you can do based on the context of the email or message.

However, Google is taking this feature one step further by using AI to scan the message and take into account things like your location, events in your Google Calendar and time of the day to suggest replies. If someone were to ask you “when will you be home?” The feature will take into account of your current location and calculate the duration to which you will reach home and recommend that as a reply. Other than that, this feature can also scan your calendar and recommend replies based on your availability when someone asks you if you are free on a certain date and time.

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Google is integrating Smart Reply to all major messaging apps 1Currently, this feature is still in beta, but those of you that want to try out the feature can sign up for the beta and Google will send you an email if you are selected to be a tested

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