Image Source: WinFuture

A manual for the upcoming wireless charger set to release with the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus has been leaked, offering in-depth information on how the charging dock will work. Sadly, it did not give any information on upcoming S9 phones.

Just like how the S9 looks similar to the S8, the charging dock looks very similar to the Samsung DeX, it is powered by a USB Type-C cable which powers the dock and there is an indicator light on the front which indicates the phone’s charging status. The dock design allows you to position the phone vertically or horizontally┬ábut you will have to make sure that the phone is position roughly in the centre of the dock in order to get the phone charging.

We have heard the disappointments when trusted sources announced that the S9 will have a very similar design to the S8 and it looks like the disappointments will continue, due to the new wireless charging dock having the same design as the DeX. For what its worth, the new dock will be thinner and flatter than the previous model.