The Galaxy S8 can be considered as one of the slowest phones to receive an Android Oreo updates, and if you are still rocking one as of now, the company has finally released the major software update starting at Germany, and we shouldn’t expect long for it to hit Asian devices. As Samsung is about to announce the new Galaxy S9 in a couple of weeks time, it’s about time the company give a major software treatment to its soon-to-be dated flagship, despite having its Android Security Patch updated to the most recent one.

Here’s a piece of good news as well, as the Android Oreo update released in Germany is only 488MB, the update size might slightly differ when it reaches here but shouldn’t be too far away, which means you don’t need to make up much storage space when the update hits your device. By updating to the Android Oreo update, the Galaxy S8’s Samsung Experience software also gets a version bump to 9.0, there are however no new features being mentioned, apart from having official and proprietary software enhancements. Furthermore, the S8’s software update won’t include Project Treble, a feature that was announced alongside with Android Oreo for enabling faster and smaller Android file updates.

Keep your Galaxy S8’s software update page in view these few days, but let’s hope Samsung delivers the update to all of the S8’s before the S9’s launch at February 25th.