Apple and Peter Lau, a Hong Kong film director have come together to show the capabilities of the iPhone X’s camera in a short film called “Three Minutes”, which shows how a mother and child spends their Chinese New Year together when they only have three minutes with each other.

The entire film was shot in China at one of the train stations which seem to be located in a rather rural area of China. The mother, who is a crew member aboard the train, has arrived at a station which is presumed to be a town where her son is staying with her sister. The story, although does not elaborate on character development, it still tells a very charming and touching story of families that are away from each other and how they express their love for one another when the opportunity comes around even if its short.

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The quality is not as you would expect on proper cinema grade cameras but for what a smartphone and a little post-editing can do, it is still very impressive that an iPhone X could produce quality such as this.

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