Samsung has a foldable phone in the making and it does sound like another prototype that we will never get to see. However, some rumours mentioned that they are planning to launch the phone by the end of 2018.

The phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy X, and the reason why the rumours are saying it will come out at the end of this year is that Samsung has mentioned that in 2018, its display panel business will put more focus in new applications such as foldable displays. Samsung has some pretty intersting things cooking up as we saw them filing patents for many new and improved techonology last year so it would make sense that atlease one of them will be coming to comsumers. However, Samsung’s Mobile Chief Koh Dong-Jin mentioned that there are still some durability issues that they need to address.

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The foldable Samsung Galaxy X might be unveiled end of this year 2There is a chance that due to this issue, Samsung might not release the Galaxy X this year, but the latest we can expect it to come would be in 2019.  Seeing as how the lastest phone that will come out is the S9, the next could be S10, or in the case of following Apple’s naming, Galaxy SX?

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