Samsung is continuing to strengthen its efforts on its mobile payment service, as the company has added Public Bank as one of its supported banks today, while there isn’t any official announcement, the company has updated its website with the bank’s logo, so if you happen to own a Credit and Debit card from Public Bank, you can now add either Visa or Mastercard onto your Samsung Pay account, it is also good to note that Public Bank’s Visa Electron and Lifestyle Debit Cards are not supported.

Samsung Pay now supports Public Bank credit and debit cards 1Samsung Pay is currently supported at a wide range of merchants, the service supports using both NFC and MST to make transactions, which MST will enable payments even on older credit card terminals. Samsung Pay is also supported on a wide range of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy A (2017) series, Galaxy A8 and A8+, Note 5 and newer, S6 and newer, and smartwatches such as the Gear S3 and Gear Sport. For more information on the list of supported devices and banks for Samsung Pay, head on over to

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