Instagram has been taking cues from Snapchat on features to implement into their own app, recently they have implemented another feature which they, yet again, took from Snapchat. The new feature which will be released in a future update will notify users when someone has taken a screenshot or screen recording of your stories.

Tech new site WABetaInfo has claimed that Instagram is currently testing this feature, but like other features where they would allow a handful of users to try it out, they decided to have an internal testing. When the update releases, users will see a special icon next to the person’s name if they take a screenshot or record your Stories. It might be a copy of another app’s features but a lot of users will feel a sense of relief with this feature, as it adds a sense of security when sharing your personal photos videos on social media.

How it will look when someone screenshots/records your Stories

Instagram users are in fact, happy with the new feature just like they were when it was introduced on Snapchat, this would mean that we should very well get to see this feature implemented in the app in the future updates.