It looks like Razer is learning from the other phone manufactures about releasing a new flagship phone every year as there are rumors that indicates a new Razer phone and Project Linda will be released around IFA 2018 later this year.

For those of you that dont know what Project Linda is, it is a laptop that will allow you to dock the Razer Phone and convert it into an Android powered laptop and the phone can be used as a touchpad or act as a second screen for games. According to an insider, Razer will be announcing the Razer Phone 2 sometime is September but it is unsure if they will be calling it Razer Phone 2. According to the same source, Project Linda will launch as a official partner accessory for the phone. Razer’s execs are currently discussing the future of Project Linda and will come to a conclusion in the next couple of days.

There is a good chance that the company will be releasing the laptop-dock prototype as Marques Brownlee, AKA MKBHD, send out a Tweet stating his interest with Project Linda and Tan Min-Liang, CEO of Razer replied his tweet stating that he can make it happen.