The Nokia 8’s camera has been put through its phase by the people over at DxO and the results are probably not what you expected. The Zeiss cameras on the phone managed to score a rather low 68 when compared to Google Pixel 2 which stands at 98.


Nokia 8 daylight shot

Based on the results published by DxO, the photos produced by the camera comes with good exposure and accurate white balance, but there are some cases that there is not enough saturation which makes colour shading obvious. Dynamic range comes out well only if Auto HDR mode is working which apparently is not working most of the time. Other than that, there is strong noise in areas of plain colour even when shot in bright light and detail levels are low with blurring present. Details become worst when it comes to indoors or low-light shots with lost of sharpness and strong softness visible near the edge of the frame. Autofocus is not great when it comes to low light, there are decent colours when using the dual-LED flash but some portraits show red pupils when shot and sometimes, autofocus does not trigger in low-light shots.

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Nokia 8 low-light shot

DxO has an in-depth explanation of all the features and issues which you can read here. Take note that this is just a benchmark to give you a rough idea of how the camera performs at a professional level and in no way reflects the performance of the phone. If the camera is not what you are looking for in a phone, the Nokia 8 still performs decently well when it comes to regular everyday use.