Yes 4G may have gone a little quiet after the launch of its 4G LTE service last year, the company has actually been hard at work in expanding their network. In a media briefing yesterday, CEO of YTL Communications Mr Wing K Lee (pictured above), has revealed that the company has managed to gain the best overall 4G availability award from OpenSignal, an independent company that does wireless coverage mapping. Also, the company has been named as the most innovative voice service provider in the Telecom Asia Awards 2017, as the Yes 4G network is VoLTE ready since launch and the first to use an all IP based architecture, which the latter helps to deliver a more robust and easily scalable network.

Source: OpenSignal

As Wing points out in the OpenSignal report, the average 4G LTE download speed measured globally was 16.2Mbps, the Yes 4G LTE managed to score an average 20Mbps of download speed and it is the first runner up against Maxis, which the latter scored an average download speed of 23.6Mbps. However, due to the more modernized network architecture, the Yes 4G LTE network gets to bag the best overall download speed award, with an overall measured speed of 20Mbps. Wing was also proud to announce that the company still offers the most competitively priced data plans as opposed to its competitors, while emphasizing the company isn’t agreeable on how unlimited data plans are being sold and used in the market, since such data plans come with compromises such as limiting speed on certain applications and reduce video streaming quality.

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Moving on, the folks at Yes 4G are bullish about the future of its network and is working on improving its 4G coverage in East Malaysia. As of now, the company’s network is supported on over 7 major smartphone brands, consisting of over 50 Android smartphones, support for iPhone and mobile number portability is still a work in progress. Wing teased that customers can expect more things to come in 2018, and quoted that the company is focused on delivering the best service and listening to feedback from customers. You can read OpenSignal’s report on State of Mobile Networks: Malaysia here.