Game streaming has been something that many companies are talking about. We know that Nvidia has GeForce Now, which is a system that will allow you to stream triple-A games to any system even non-gaming setups. This is possible because all the processing is done on the cloud servers and your computer just displays the game. Now there is a new contender which claims that their system will allow for game streaming at 60FPS without any input latency.

Rainway will allow you to stream games on any platform that has browser support, currently, they are supporting Windows, Android, iOS and Mac, Xbox OS and certain Linux distributions and any other device that is capable of running either Firefox or Chrome. There is even support for the Nintendo Switch which might be coming soon. Rainway streams games through fully secured channels and does not require you to get any specific hardware or go through tedious setup procedures. The company promised input-lag free gameplay but it would seem like you will need a very fast Internet connection. In the trailer, we can see games like PUBG, Wolfenstein II, and Cuphead working lag-free.

Rainway will be completely free and an open beta will be launching on January 20, where users will have to download a server and client programs from their website after registering.


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